Since becoming a mom, my google history has become inundated with questions from everything to how to properly store breast milk to is it normal to find dog hair in my baby’s poop? Most of the time google will direct me to a mom group to facilitate in fulfilling my many inquiries.

What I’ve realized about these mom groups is that they contain a secret language of abbreviated words that everyone seems to know but me. An abbreviation that I would stumble upon often is FTM. My overtired mom brain constantly mistook the M for a W and I was certain that FTM stood for, for the win. I eventually learned that this stands for, “first time mom.” It would come as no surprise that many of the questions I asked would most likely render an answer containing this abbreviation because who else would ask those questions except for a first time mom?

The older my son gets, the more I google, and continue to see this abbreviation. But as motherhood is really setting in, I no longer read FTM as, for the win, now it’s beginning to look more like WTF. This is no coincidence, am I right?

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