Cookie Momster

I didn’t find out I was pregnant until April 18th, but I like to think that my journey began on March 30. During this time last year, I had been on antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. These are a common occurrence for me, so when I started having severe cramping I began to worry. I didn’t know if I was experiencing an adverse effect to the antibiotics or if these were just symptoms of a UTI that were uncharacteristic to me.

Anyways, I called my doctor and they advised that we do an ultrasound. I was anticipating the worst. I never had an ultrasound before, so as far as I knew, I could be missing an ovary or my uterus was falling out.

Despite my apprehension, everything looked great. The doctor even said that I had “a beautiful uterus.” This was reassuring to me because at this time, Brandon and I had been trying to conceive for about 6 months and I was starting to get discouraged and to question if there was something wrong with me. The doctor also showed me my ovaries and even pointed out some mature follicles. He said, it looks like a chocolate chip cookie doesn’t it? I laughed, but was distracted by my own thoughts. I looked at those little “chocolate chips” and told myself that this is the cycle that I’m going to get pregnant. I’m looking at my future child right now, I just know it.

A few weeks later and boom, I’m pregnant! Not just pregnant, but four weeks pregnant already! That concept took a lot of googling for me to wrap my head around. Pregnancy is measured by the life span of the egg, not just the embryo. This affirmed my conviction that I had been looking at my future child just weeks prior. I saw Beau before he was even Beau.

Most of us, don’t get to see our babies until about 8 weeks of gestation, but I got to see my little guy from the very beginning. I love our journey. Sometimes chocolate can be bitter, but if it’s mixed with a cookie it’s sweet and rewarding.

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