8 Months Postpartum

Today my son turns 8 months old! I’ll admit I’ve been quite negligent with using my milestone blanket, although I swore to my husband that it would be worth the money. This doesn’t mean there’s been any shortage of Facebook updates about my son. I post about him everyday, yes I’m that mom, and truthfully, I knew I would be. To you guys it may seem mundane, but to me it’s like a digital baby book that requires low maintenance. Anyways, I figured I would divert from the standard monthly update of my son’s likes, dislikes and new tricks by updating you all on me, mom.

At 8 months postpartum I eat more than I did at 8 months pregnant, most likely because I am still breastfeeding and I think Beau is going through a growth spurt. I like jalapeños, anything with peanut butter and burgers. Unfortunately, I have to lay off the cheese and ice cream because Beau’s belly doesn’t do well with cow milk in mom’s milk. Okay enough about him.

At nearly 8 months PP, I ran for the first time. I didn’t run far or long, but this is the first time I’ve ran without feeling like my C-section incision was going to burst open and my boobs were going to explode.

Speaking of my incision, it’s finally looking less like a wound and more like a scar. It’s still a little purple and pink in areas, but it’s not nearly as grotesque as it once was. I still have a shelf of fat that sits on top of the scar. The doctor told me this will probably never go away. Beau likes to kick me in my incision and it still feels numb and tender. I’m not sure if it will ever feel good being kicked there.

At 8 months PP, I do not sleep through the night but I do get at least a four hour stretch. I’m somehow keeping my shit together on four hours of sleep a night, that must be something I got from the mom super power Arsenal.

My hair is still falling out, but my husband assures me that if he lost that much hair a day, he wouldn’t have any left. My hair is coming back though and I have these very attractive whispy baby hairs growing at my temples. My hair isn’t great, but my complexion is. I used to frequently get zits, but now my skin stays pretty clear. I’m not sure if this is because breastfeeding lowers your estrogen levels but I’ll take it. I will breastfeed Beau until he’s 10 to maintain this beautiful skin.

I am way more susceptible to pollen since having a baby. I think I will have to take clairitin forever.

I also love tomatoes since having Beau. I used to hate tomatoes.

I enjoy reading books to Beau and teaching him sign language. I love singing to him and wearing him in the carrier, although he is starting to get too heavy. I love taking trips to target, walking max, drinking wine, listening to Joe Santagato podcast and watching the LaBrant fam on YouTube. I love being a mom.

I dislike, carrying Beau in his infant seat, changing blown out diapers, being woken up at the ass crack of dawn everyday, changing the sheets on the bed, not being able to eat ice cream, and having to put away all of my cute decorations because Beau tries to eat them.

My new tricks include walking while breastfeeding, using less wipes on poopy diapers, holding the baby while eating, unfolding the stroller without a struggle and making it appear as if I have my shit together.

I think it’s important to practice self care and to never forget who you were before becoming a mother. It’s so easy to lose yourself in motherhood. You see people and they ask how the baby is, but most of the time they never inquire as to how you are. Being a baby is a big deal, but so is being a mom. Never be afraid to celebrate yourself.

Here’s to 8 months of motherhood!

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