Mom Bod

One of my biggest fears of motherhood, was that I would not have time to go to the gym. Well, guess what? I don’t. I have had a few opportunities to go to the gym, but right now my desire to play peek-a-boo supersedes bicep curls. I thought I would be itching to get back into the gym. Maybe my lack of drive stems from the fact that I actually feel pretty good for just having a baby.

I’m kind of loving my mom bod. If I’m in the right lighting and sucking it in, I can sort of see some evidence of abs? I was lucky enough to not have one stretch mark or even loose skin..not that the gym would solve those problems anyway. It’s hard to defy genetics. I do still have that line running vertically down my tummy, which serves as a mild reminder of the gift my body carried for 9 months. It’s like a souvenir of my pregnancy.

My boobs have never been fuller. Like I can’t even wear my husband’s T-shirt without feeling like a porn star. And there’s not a sports bra in God’s creation that could offer me the support I need to feel comfortable enough to run on a treadmill right now.

My body has definitely taken on a curvier appearance since having a baby. I find this body type much more flattering than my former 12 year old boy hips, although I had to officially retire all of my hollister jeans and I find myself shopping less in the juniors section. I had to double check myself the other day because I thought I put my underwear on backwards, turns out, my ass has just gotten wider! Apparently getting pregnant and having a baby is more effective than the countless variations and reps of squats that I used to do.

I am in no way saying that I don’t need the gym, as there is always room for improvement. I also love to push my limits and physically challenge myself. Luckily, motherhood has allowed me to do that without even going to the gym. Do you realize how heavy those car seats are? And every day they just get heavier. Between the car seat and the diaper bag, I lug around over 20 pounds of baby baggage. Mom arm is a real thing. So be sure to switch sides every once in a while so one of your arms doesn’t get bulkier than the other.

Ever try doing household chores with 15 pounds of baby strapped to you? Bending down to take clothes out of the washer becomes an Olympic sport when you’re wearing your baby. Try chasing the dog around the house with your clean socks in his mouth while carrying the baby. That’s my cardio these days.

Despite what I may have thought, I am absolutely not being deprived of my work outs since becoming a mom. And even better, I love my body just the way it is and don’t feel guilty for not making it to the gym. Motherhood yields sacrifices, but you get so much more in return.

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